We at Coconut Films are a bunch of simple people.

 We have no vision for the company and no fancy mission statement. What we do have is passion and love for whatever we do.

And we hope that it shows in our work.

We understand basic things like ‘kuch accha kaam karte hai’ and nothing makes us happier ‘ jab kuch accha kaam hota hai’.

What started off as a husband-wife production house is now a family of over 20.

So if you do have a lot of time at hand, you can check out a little more about each and every one of us by clicking on the pictures below.

PS: Do let us know who’s picture you think is the best. A lot of us don’t seem to have mirrors.


Co-founder and Executive Producer

Tushar Raut

Wannabe chemical engineer turned producer… Tush, as he is fondly known is the backbone of the organization. 'Ho jayega' are the words he swears by, and more often than not, 'ho jaata hai'

Loves: Food. Hates: The side effects of overeating.


Ramsam (Rajesh Ramaswamy)

He is our very own night king. The only person who can party from sunset to sunrise. And more often than not he is the only one that survives the long night. For all non GOT fans, a Bollywood reference of the same is 'iss raat ki subah nahi'

Co-founder and Executive Producer

Nupur Guha

Most definitely the life of the company… Nups is a sheer joy to work and party with. Makes her a favorite with directors and agencies but not so much with the accounts team.

Loves: Jagerbombs. Hates: Slackers.


Subhadra Mahajan

Dante Ariola, Joe Roman, Erick Ifregan, Jim Sonzero, Mikon Van Gastel and even the legendary Emmanuel Lubezki a.k.a. Chivo are some of the people that she has worked with. She's also co-written ‘Angry Indian Goddesses’. We make sure we are nice to her.


Aiman Ali

If not a director, he would have been a table tennis player. Draws inspiration from sports and sees a definite parallel between life and sports. Took a round trip-from Mumbai University to NYFA and back to India, as a director. Loves: The obvious by now - Sports. Hates: Latecomers.


Arjun Chakradhar

Born and bred in Bengaluru, Arjun has grown up listening to his grandmother's tales, eating curd rice and watching all matinee cinema".

Loves: Telling stories.

Senior Producer

Mrudangi Jasani Baidya

Punctual, diligent, hard working, process driven - Dang has enough good qualities to cover up for all of us. But she is vegetarian and a teetotaller, so not all good qualities.

Loves: Jokes. Hates: Not getting them.


Minoti Ashar

She used to be our in-house Zomato, but now she is also our in-house Swiggy, Foodpanda and Ubereats. Never has there been a restaurant, that she is not friends with the waiter, cleaner, manager or DJ.

Loves: Everything bling. Hates: Early mornings.


Suraj Shetty

Starting as an intern with us, Sunny went on to be a DA, an Ad, post assistant and finally settled on being a producer. He is our in house all rounder and ironically he cant name even 3 all rounders.

Loves: Chicken Lollipops. Hates: Sports.

Assistant Director

Nimish Poyrekar

A mixture of Oldschool & Newschool. Adores World Cinema, right from "Hasta La Vista, Baby" to "Beta, Tumse Na Ho Payega".

Loves: Sneakers. Hates: Corn.

Chief of Accounts

Hemant Kacharekar

He is Captain accounts and his superpower is the most effective - The power to give a cheque on time. So no matter who you are, you got to be nice to him.

Loves: Money. Hates: Giving it away.

Account Assistant

Tejas Golam

The more money one has, the more people you need to manage it. Which is why we hired Tejas in team accounts. Now all we need is money that he can manage.


Raju Shekhare

He is coconut's most wanted man. The go to guy for producers and vendors alike. So whether it is bills, due dates, TDS, GST or MNS; Raju is the man.

Head Office Help

Prakash Yejre

He is the Silent Worker. You'll never notice him around. But is always around when you need him.

Office Help

Vivek Pawar

The office help who does more than he is expected off. A keen observer and a quick learner, Vivek is always making mental notes on the job.



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